Braxton Brewing’s Garage Beer is now its own brand

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Garage Beer, Covington-based Braxton Brewing’s popular lager, is now its own brand.

Braxton’s co-founder Jake Rouse announced in a blog on Wednesday that a new partnership with brand investment marketer Andrew Sauer has been formed, creating Garage Beer Co.

Sauer is the president of the new company, which will “focus solely on growing distribution, sales and notoriety of the beloved Covington-based craft beer brand” while Braxton continues to brew the beer.

Furthering the brand with consumer awareness, shelf space and celebrity talent are some of the plans for Garage Beer Co. who say they have already gained some “retailer acceptance.”

They say their aim is to “be the brand that makes the Garage the heartbeat of neighborhoods everywhere” by creating customer loyalty in Garage Beer.

Garage Beer’s new look with their new brand will be available during Cincy Beerfest at the Duke Energy Center Feb. 3-4, and if you can’t make it there, you’ll be able to check out the new brew on Feb. 16 during the release party at Braxton’s Covington taproom.

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