LISTEN: Embracing Riverfront Development with Will Weber, Southbank Partners

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This week on Mind Your Own Business, NKY!, LINK nky CEO Lacy Starling and Business Reporter Kenton Hornbeck discuss new businesses coming to Newport on the Levee, Kenton’s dance skills, sports betting becoming legal in Kentucky…and, of course, Kenton’s tragic, brutal loss in our office NCAA Bracket. 

Then, Kenton chats with Will Weber, President and CEO of Southbank Partners, a nonprofit, regional economic development organization in Northern Kentucky. Will explains his early career path, how an internship led to his current role, and the pleasure of doing economic development in the community he grew up in. Will also explains the changing  perception of riverfront development, how it has reversed over the years and the ultimate goal of a singular, united riverfront park throughout Northern Kentucky and its river cities from Ludlow to Silver Grove.

Focused on walkability and connecting NKY communities,  past Southbank Partner’s legacy projects include Riverfront Commons, a 20-mile park that runs from Devou Park down to Covington Plaza, Newport’s Festival Park and the Southbank Shuttle.

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