LISTEN: Matching Student Passion with Business Ideas – Zac Strobl, NKU’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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This week on Mind Your Business NKY!, LINK nky CEO Lacy Starling and Business Reporter Kenton Hornbeck discuss their first jobs back in the day…and what has led to a national decrease in the ‘kids’ working today. Kenton and Lacy dive into our new print story examining the reasons why the teenage labor rate has decreased in NKY.

Then, Lacy sits down with Zac Strobl, Director of The Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Northern Kentucky University. Zac discusses encouraging students to double major or take a minor in entrepreneurship so they have technical skill in addition to soft skills. Zac explains that employers are often looking for problem solvers, critical thinkers, and innovative individuals when searching for candidates and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship can help with that.

Zac talks about Gen Z’s desire to start businesses, NKU’s summer Incubator Program and NKU success stories – like our neighbors over at Peachy & Vintage – who developed a pandemic idea that turned into a retail and e-commerce vintage business on Madison Avenue. Zac also discusses the importance of matching up a student’s passion with their business ideas and emphasizing that failure is okay and that’s where lessons are learned.

If you’re interested in getting involved as a mentor, guest speaker or just interested in learning more about how your business can help future entrepreneurs thrive, contact Zac Strobl here.

To learn more about NKU’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, click here.

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