Opinion: Wildlife management area open in Boone County

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Written by Sen. John Schickel, who represents the 11th Senate District in northern and central Boone County

Boone County is home to many great people and attractions. Recently, I joined Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Rich Storm and 5th District Commissioner Josh Lillard for a walkthrough of the Decker Wildlife Management Area in Boone County. This 300 acres of land is something I know residents here in Boone County will enjoy.

Boone Countians enjoy the outdoors. Our county has a rich culture for conservation and is home to many hunting enthusiasts. Decker is yet another destination for those like me who share a love for nature.

Decker adjoins Boone Cliffs State Nature Preserve, a great place for outdoorsmen to go hiking. Middle Creek Park, another location to enjoy hiking and complete with amenities and beautiful flowers, bisects Decker and Boone Cliffs.

With Boone County’s increasing population, Decker helps ensure the state is preserved and can be enjoyed for future generations. It is home to wildlife like turkeys, deer and squirrels. Hunters can deer hunt using bows and crossbows, and other species can be hunted with shotguns. 

Directions to Decker from Burlington, Kentucky, is to take KY-338 South/East Bend Road to Green Road. Turn right onto Green Road. Follow Green Road for 0.33 miles. The parking area will be located on your right.

Make sure to enjoy the great outdoors this fall. Kentucky and northern Kentucky are beautiful and geographically diverse. The leaves have now changed, and I can’t wait to enjoy the brisk fall air as we head into the holiday season.

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