Park Hills weighs cost-benefits of getting a traffic radar unit trailer

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Police Chief Cody Stanley updated Park Hills’ City Council on costs for a potential new traffic radar unit trailer at the recent council meeting.

The company that currently supplies the city offers small units, ranging between $7000-15,000, which is lower than other companies the chief says he looked into. 

“Consistency with equipment is important so as to avoid issues with multiple systems,” Stanley pointed out. 

Councilmembers on the infrastructure committee had requested an inquiry into getting a trailered unit for the city. Stanley said this was due to more stationary traffic data tools being time-consuming and difficult to move.

He detailed that some radar units are attached to poles and take hours to assemble and disassemble; units on dollies can pose safety risks because they could become unstable. 

Council and infrastructure committee member, Joe Shields, noted the importance of determining “rapidly shifting traffic impact, such as after a crash; it’s what’s gonna help the infrastructure committee make choices for improvements.”

It was also noted that traffic data allows Park Hills to facilitate planning for the coming Brent Spence Bridge project.   

Councilmembers Sarah Froelich and Joe Daugherty expressed concern over a unit fitting comfortably on Park Hills’ narrow streets.

The Infrastructure Committee is looking into how the state can assist them, such as through borrowing traffic data collecting equipment, like a data snake line, that can be set across the road quickly. 

Stanely said he will gather more information on radar units and pass it along to the mayor for review.

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