Fiscal Court approves official renaming of Graves Road after emergency services confusion

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Four sections of Graves Road remained in Boone County, leaving residents, travelers and even emergency services confused after the completion of New Graves Road.

Tuesday, at the Boone County Fiscal Court, the court passed the administrative matter to rename the roads to avoid further confusion and similarity.

The council recommended the following name changes: 1753 to 1854 Graves Road will now be Canopy Drive, 327 to 2475 Graves Road will become Water Tower Drive, 2619 to 2890 Graves Road will be Old Graves Road and 2957 will become Pump Street.

“Emergency services, the mail, they all know, correct?” asked Commissioner Cathy Flaig.

Judge/Executive Gary Moore assured that this renaming is mainly for first responders’ and mail carriers’ benefit. Residents were all notified of the renaming.

“There will be no renumbering; the numbers are all the same,” Moore said. “We are just renaming.”

The motion passed 4-0.

“Boone County Planning and Zoning will update mapping and confirm communications with postal services, all utility companies, 911 dispatch, first responders, county clerk and school systems,” county engineer Robert Franxman said.

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