City of Union decides not to join cooperative program for Municipal Road Aid

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Each year, cities can change the way they receive their Municipal Road Aid.

Municipal Road Aid funds are used for construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads. The funding is based on population as determined by the most recent census, per the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Counties and cities have two choices as to how to receive their funds. They can elect to receive a monthly payment processed by the Kentucky Department for Local Government, or they can opt to participate in one of the cooperative programs.

At Monday’s City of Union commission meeting, members decided not to change the way they receive that aid.

“Currently the city of Union receives their funds on a monthly basis,” said city administrator Amy Safrin. “However, there is an option to join the cooperative program where the money would be distributed to us three times a year.”

By joining the program, 3% of the annual funds would be withheld to go into an emergency fund. The fund would be available for the city to use if there was an emergency road issue like drainage structure, culvert, bridge or road slippage.

“The regular MRA funds are used for normal maintenance and wear to roads,” Safrin said. “But, the emergency funds can only be used for emergency situations.”

After discussion, the commission decided it would be best to continue to receive their Municipal Road Aid fund’s on a monthly basis rather than to join the program.

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