Boone County Planning Commission approves re-zoning for 12-acre apartment complex

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The Boone County Planning Commission recommended approving a 12-acre development site at Wednesday’s meeting.

The site will make way for a potential 132 apartments, 21 units per acre and 263 parking spots on Boone Aire Road if the fiscal court approves the plan.

The development will also contain a swimming pool, playground and dog park.

“The development will contribute to Boone County having a wide range of housing opportunities,” said Todd Morgan, senior planner with the commission. “The development is also close to employment centers and other commercial areas.”

The concept plans also show ample tree preservation area, making sure that the development does not come within 100 feet of Gunpowder Creek. A lot of the apartments would be blocked by already existing trees.

The plan includes a 100-foot deceleration lane so that traffic isn’t affected when residents enter the property. They have also agreed to provide a traffic impact study and will install a left-hand turn lane at the main entrance if warranted.

“The applicant property owner shall submit a Traffic Impacts Study to Boone County Planning Commission at the time the major site plan application is submitted for review,” Morgan said. “Boone County Planning Commission staff and Accounting Engineers shall review the study and determine if a left hand turn lane for the development is warranted. The left hand turn lane shall only be required if it’s warranted by the traffic study.”

The apartments will be built, if passed, with brick and hardy planks, which will contain sound insulation, according to Kentucky Building Code.

LuAnn Friend, a resident who has lived in the area for 29 years, voiced her concerns regarding the traffic levels that an apartment complex of this size would bring.

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“263 more parking spots means 263 more cars entering and leaving on Boone Aire Road,” Friend said. “I request that the commission and fiscal court make this improvement recommendation to the county engineer.”

Friend also noted that the renderings of this possible development do not resemble any of the nearby properties in the area.

“The adjacent property owners request that the architecture more nearly resemble the two story height and size of the properties currently surrounding the proposed development site,” Friend said.

Friend requested that all her concerns and suggestions, along with the rest of the information regarding this new development, be noted when presented to the fiscal court.

The fiscal court will determine the official plans of this development at a later date.

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