Boone County Schools introduces school bus tracking app

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We all know the dreaded feeling of missing the school bus or standing outside in the cold for what feels like hours while you wait.

Now, after a new purchase from the Boone County Schools Transportation Department, comes a real-time bus location app.

All parents and/or students have to do is download the Zonar MyView app, enter their information and select their alert zone.

“Your alert zone could be your home address, babysitters, daycare, whichever you prefer,” according to the Boone County Schools YouTube page. “You have the option of making your alert zone bigger or smaller. The range varies from 500 feet to 1,500 feet.”

By allowing the notifications on your phone, the app will alert individuals with updates about the bus’ arrival.

Once the Zonar MyView app is downloaded, use your child’s registration information for login. If you’re not sure, contact the child’s school.

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