NKY reacts to Beshear victory as GOP secures other statewide seats

Kenton Hornbeck
Kenton Hornbeck
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With the Election Day results unofficially tallied, Republican candidates down the ballot performed well while incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear secured victory over Attorney General Daniel Cameron in one of the most highly publicized gubernatorial races in state history.

The Kenton County Republican Party hosted a watch party at The Globe in Covington to take in the results. Other Republicans traveled to the Louisville Marriott for Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s election night party. Incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear’s election night party was less than a mile down the road at Old Forester’s Paristown Hall.

Polls officially closed at 6 p.m.

Meanwhile local Democrats gathered at Jerry’s Jug House in Newport, where Rep. Rachel Roberts (D-Newport) said the atmosphere was boisterous.

“I am thrilled,” Roberts said. “Not only am I thrilled that Beshear won but I am so thrilled to see Northern Kentucky come out in these numbers. It was just amazingly validating of the phenomenal job that he has done.”

Kenton County Republican Party Youth Chair Casmir Thornberry told LINK nky that even though the gubernatorial election results didn’t break in the GOP’s favor, the down ballot wins are a sign of the strength of the party statewide.

“The reality is Kentuckians still believe in our policies, still want to see us run the state, they’ve just chosen to have Andy be at the head of that,” Thornberry said.

In Northern Kentucky, Boone County broke for Daniel Cameron while Kenton County and Campbell County swung Beshear’s way — the same results as the 2019 gubernatorial election.

Down ballot, incumbent Secretary of State Michael Adams defeated former Kentucky state Rep. Charles “Buddy” Wheatley — the only Northern Kentuckian running for a constitutional office.

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Former US Attorney Russell Coleman defeated State Rep. Pamela Stevenson. Former Treasurer Allison Ball defeated tax attorney Kimberley Reeder in the state auditor race. Attorney Mark Metcalf defeated challenger Michael Bowman in the treasurer race. Farmer Johnathan Shell defeated economic consultant Sierra Enlow in the race for agriculture commissioner.

Northern Kentucky continues to trend more Democratic in recent gubernatorial elections. While Republicans still dominate statehouse and constitutional office elections, Andy Beshear increased his vote totals in all three Northern Kentucky counties.

Despite this trend, Thornberry remained positive in his assessment of the GOP’s overall performance in the region.

“Northern Kentucky is still a Republican stronghold,” Thornberry said. “The state is ruby red.”

Even though Cameron secured a victory in Boone County, the party had a lower Republican vote total in this gubernatorial election as opposed to 2019. In total, 23,000 people voted for former Gov. Matt Bevin in 2019 compared to the 22,399 votes for Cameron this time around.

Beshear increased his vote totals in Kenton County as well with 26,066 people casting their ballot for the incumbent in 2023 compared to 25,479 for Bevin in 2019. Conversely, Cameron earned fewer votes in Kenton County this election, 23,301, than Bevin’s 24,936 in 2019.

Lastly, Beshear also garnered more votes in Campbell County this election, 16,855, compared to his 16,352 votes in 2019. Cameron also earned fewer Campbell County votes in 2023 than Bevin in 2019: 14,271 compared to 14,587.

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