Covington road resurfacing begins this week

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Staff Report
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All or part of 29 streets in Covington will begin undergoing road resurfacing this week.

The project is part of a $927,540 contracted project with Riegler Blacktop, Inc., a Florence-based company that frequently contracts on municipal infrastructure projects throughout the NKY region. Riegler’s contract with Covington was finalized on Sept. 12.

“When it’s done, drivers will be a lot happier,” said Bill Matteoli, assistant director of Covington’s Public Works Department, in a recent press release. “We know there are a number of streets that need attention, and we tackle as many as possible each year.”

Riegler will grind away about an inch and a half of pavement before beginning resurfacing in earnest.

The following streets will be affected, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Bush Street, from Scott Boulevard to Prospect Avenue.
  • Clark Street, from Highway Avenue to Altamont Road.
  • Coyote Court, from Indian Creek Drive to its western end.
  • Dalton Street, from its northern end to West 8th Street.
  • East 8th Street, from Greenup Street to its eastern end.
  • East 16th Street, from Scott to Greenup Street.
  • East 21st Street, from Garrard Street to its eastern end.
  • East 25th Street, from Madison Avenue to East 24th Street.
  • East 45th Street, from Glenn Avenue until Virginia Avenue.
  • Emma Street, from Main Street to Bakewell Street.
  • Hawthorne Street, from Jefferson Avenue to Holman Avenue.
  • Holmesdale Court, from Madison Avenue to East 25th Street.
  • Huntington Avenue, from East 41st Street to East 44th Street.
  • Indiana Avenue, from Madison to Daniel Goodenough Court.
  • Linden Avenue, from Holman Avenue to Woodburn Avenue.
  • Locke Street, from East 39th Street to East 40th Street.
  • Maryland Avenue, from East 21st Street to Durrett Street.
  • Monroe Street, from West 16th Street to West 18th Street.
  • Parkway Avenue, from Highway Avenue to Altamont Road.
  • Shoreview Circle, from Meadow Hill Drive to its western end.
  • Spring Street, from John Street to Highway Avenue.
  • Tripoli Lane, from Hands Pike to its southern end.
  • Vermont Street, from East 43rd Street to Baltimore Avenue.
  • Wallace Avenue, from Greenup Street to Eastern Avenue.
  • Wayne Road, from Edgehill Court to Prisoners Lake Drive.
  • West 8th Street, from Craig Street to South Greer Street.
  • West 11th Street, from Lee Street to Main Street.
  • West 19th Street, from Franklin Street to its western end.
  • Winding Way, from Jerome Street to the property line.
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Covington’s Westside neighborhood will begin its own round of resurfacing next week.

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