Fort Mitchell appoints new fire chief

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Fort Mitchell’s city council unanimously voted to appoint Dave Slusser as the city’s new fire chief at their Sept. 18 meeting.

Slusser has been with the Fort Mitchell Fire Department since 2002, when he started as a volunteer. He also served as a paramedic in both Fort Mitchell and Point Pleasant. Over the years, he’s shown dedication to the city and has risen through the ranks of the department. 

In 2019, he was appointed as assistant fire chief under Fire Chief Adam Fuller, who retired earlier this year

Slusser was appointed interim fire chief when Fuller’s retirement was announced in April, and it was understood that he would remain in that position until at least the end of 2023.

“He’s really demonstrated that he understands the leadership and the position,” Mayor Jude Hehman said about why they appointed Slusser. “And he excels at it.”

Slusser expressed his happiness with the appointment to LINK nky.

“I am extremely excited to lead this great group,” he said.

He praised the firefighters on his team for being so supportive and making his transition to chief an easy one. 

Currently, Slusser said his goals for the Fort Mitchell Fire Department are simple: Continue the great work already being done. 

“The previous chiefs have set up the department really well and I plan to maintain that. They have already roadmapped a great program,” Slusser said. 

This includes Fort Mitchell Fire Department’s car seat installation service and the unique efforts undertaken by department leadership to recruit new firefighters. 

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