Daniel Cameron makes appearance at Boone County Senior Picnic 

Douglas Clark
Douglas Clark
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With the 36th annual Boone County Senior Picnic serving as the backdrop, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, the Republican nominee for governor, greeted and mingled with attendees on Wednesday. 

“I always enjoy being here in Boone County and it’s nice to be invited to this picnic; see so many familiar faces; and meet new people,” Cameron said from the Boone County Fairgrounds in Burlington. “It’s a beautiful day, great weather – so it’s wonderful to be here.” 

During the visit, Cameron talked with picnic guests while also taking photos with those in attendance. 

“I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Cameron here,” Burlington resident Anne Meyer said. “I’m concerned about our state’s future and had a chance to share a moment or two with him about that.”

There was a common theme present in the dialogue sessions, Cameron said. 

“I think one of the things that was a recurring theme out here is there are a lot of seniors that are concerned about their grandkids,” Cameron said. “Particularly, what they’re learning in school and the crime rate.” 

Cameron said his response to the seniors expressing concerns was to detail a vision that includes a plan to help students regain lost ground in the classroom while also increasing teacher salaries. 

“I believe strongly in education and making sure our schools are about reading, writing and math and they’re not incubators for liberal, aggressive ideas,” Cameron said. 

Florence resident Edward Kemper said he has been monitoring what he believes to be a close race for the gubernatorial seat. 

“I’ve definitely been keeping an eye out for how that battle is shaping up,” Kemper said. “I think there are only a few states deciding governor slots in November, so our state is going to be on nation’s radar. The victory margin will be thin.” 

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Kentucky is one of only three states in the country electing a governor this year. Mississippi and Louisiana are the other two.

Maintaining Kentucky ideals of faith, family and community is key, Cameron said.  

“A lot of people here understand that we need to preserve that for our kids and our grandkids.” Cameron said.

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