Groundbreaking ceremony held for Florence brewery, pickleball facility

Kenton Hornbeck
Kenton Hornbeck
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More details about Florence’s forthcoming brewery and pickleball facility were revealed during a groundbreaking ceremony at the project’s construction site Wednesday.

Titled The Pickleball Ranch @FBC, short for Freedom Brewing Company, the complex is going to feature the first brewery in Florence, according to Mayor Julie Metzger Aubuchon.

“We have this beautiful stadium, this beautiful baseball hub and the idea came to put a brewery concept together for this wonderful community,” Freedom Brewing Company partner Pete Robinson said.

Construction renderings reveal the complex will offer six pickleball courts, a 12,000-square-foot brewery and a taproom. The facility is expected to be open for business by spring 2024.

Located on a four-acre plot of land behind Thomas More Stadium, home of the Florence Y’alls, the brewery looks to increase tourism and recreational opportunities around the stadium.

“We look forward to the economic impact that this type of project will bring,” Metzger Aubuchon said. “It will be a destination and as we know, Florence is a great place to live work and play and it is really a great place to be entertained.”

One of the most iconic symbols of Northern Kentucky is the Florence Y’all water tower. The brewery will feature its own water tower in front of the complex.

“There’s going to be another tower that we’re going to be known for,” Metzger Aubuchon said. “It’s going to be for Freedom Brewery, it’s going to be their tower up front of this building and it’s going to be great looking.”

Pickleball has exploded in popularity over the past year. A study conducted by The Dink, a pickleball-focused news website, found that approximately 36.5 million Americans played pickleball last year. That’s a 14% increase from 2021. This facility will provide Northern Kentuckians with more access to the growing sport.

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