Campbell County hears recommendations for rural road projects

Haley Parnell
Haley Parnell
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At least once a year, a representative of Rural and Municipal Aid from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, known locally as KYTC, presents recommended projects for the rural secondary program for the county review.

KYTC’s Andy Yeager visited Campbell County Wednesday to present projects coming down the pipeline next fiscal year. KYTC District 6 serves the 11​ counties that makeup Northern Kentucky.

The transportation cabinet has allotted the county just under $726,000 for rural road projects. Approximately $220,000 will be set aside for routine traffic and maintenance costs, such as potholes.

After county administration expenses, approximately $356,000 is left to be distributed among the recommended projects. Yeager said they are unsure if any money is left over from last year’s funds because those projects have yet to begin.

Yeager’s first recommendation to the fiscal court was a resurfacing project on Flag Springs Pike, also known as KY 10, from KY 1996 to Sheanshang Road for about 2.5 miles with an estimated cost of $207,000.

The last project recommended was the resurfacing of Carthage Road between KY 10 and the AA Highway for just under 1.9 miles, estimated at $141,900.

Should the county elect to pursue those projects, it leaves just over $7,000, which Yeager said is insufficient for another job.

Campbell County also received $145,000 in flex funds, which the fiscal court must vote on to determine whether they will use for road projects. According to the KYTC website, these are funds from the rural secondary program to help counties with their resurfacing needs.

To determine the flex funds, the state’s Division of Maintenance reviews the rural secondary roads in each county. It determines the necessary funding to upkeep those roads during that fiscal year.

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Each county applies for the use of its flex funds yearly.

Should the county opt to use the money, Yeager recommended repaving Flag Springs Pike from KY 1996 to KY 1997 for a total of 1.77 miles for just under $142,000.

Campbell County Judge/Executive Steve Pendery said they would take the recommendations under advisement with the county Road Supervisor Luke Mantle, and get back to KYTC District 6 with their decisions.

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