Highland Heights City Council votes to remove councilmember arrested on drug charges

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Highland Heights City Council voted Tuesday to charge councilmember Edward Fessler with misconduct after he was arrested for admitting to drug possession and trafficking charges in February. This could ultimately lead to his removal from the council.

Fessler’s seat has stayed empty for the last two council meetings, though the councilmember has not resigned. 

New city attorney Michelle Eviston revisited former city attorney Steven Franzen’s report from the previous council meeting earlier this month to provide more information about the new resolution that would charge Fessler with misconduct.

The council later unanimously voted to charge Fessler with misconduct, which would now require them to go through a public hearing with witness comment and another unanimous vote. 

The notice for this public hearing would be sent out at least 30 days prior in order for the council to remove Fessler. The date of this hearing hasn’t been confirmed. 

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