Erlanger Police seek information related to car theft, shooting

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The Erlanger Police Department is seeking information related to a group of adolescents who allegedly stole several cars and shot at Erlanger residents on March 15.

According to a press release from the department, a group of people broke in and stole a car from two residents on Hallam Avenue early in the morning Wednesday before fleeing the scene with both the stolen car and their own car. As the group drove away, a suspect fired a single shot towards the residents, the release said. No one was hurt.

The car was eventually tracked to a gas station in Carrollton County. The local sheriff’s department responded to the call and notified the State Troopers, who eventually gave chase. One car crashed in Louisville and a single juvenile suspect was taken into custody.

After reviewing security camera footage, the group appears to be responsible for several car thefts in the Erlanger and Elsmere area on the morning of March 15. Photos of the suspects and what appears to be one of their cars was posted on the Erlanger Police’s Facebook page.

Anyone with any information about the thefts should call Detective Tom Loos at (859)380-2926.

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