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This week Streetscapes goes off the beaten path and down a seemingly never ending road for some classic comfort food in all cuisines. Come to Taylor Mill for trendy, new restaurants and community staples. 

Coba Bar and Grill

Weeks after opening, Coba Bar and Grill is already a perfect spot for dinner, drinks and catching a game. Coba’s atmosphere is sports bar meets a trendy cocktail joint. A majority of the food offered is Mexican-style cuisine, and Coba also offers American-style dishes, like boneless wings alongside tacos al pastor. 

Those who come for the Tex-Mex will not be disappointed. Guests are greeted with chips and salsa and the margaritas are as big as someone’s head, requiring two hands to hold. The margaritas can be frozen or on the rocks, and are offered in three sizes and in 10 flavors.

For the health conscious, Coba has a large selection of rice bowls as well as tapas. For those pining for classic Mexican cuisine, street-style tacos and quesadillas are on the menu as well. And for those wanting comfort food, burgers and pasta are available. 

A popular choice for guests is the chicken avocado bowl, with chicken breast, avocado, black beans, and mango pico de gallo on a bed of cilantro lime rice. The pico added a nice refreshing flavor to the warm dish. 


Like its name, this quirky restaurant is one of a kind. Best known for its wings, Knuk-N-Futz has even trademarked the name for the wings on its menu: SchWINGzzz. 

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With effort like that, one can expect a big personality to go with it. At the center of the dining room is a fireplace original to the building. Around it are license plates, posters, and enough neon beer signs to make a new wallpaper. The eclectic decor can feel a little hectic, but the food makes it clear that it is the right way to go.    

Fried pickles are commonplace in Northern Kentucky restaurants, but at Knuk-N-Futz they have pickle spears. 

In the world of fried pickles there is a heated debate about spears versus chips, and Knuk N Futz makes a clear case for spears as the winner. Golden crispy breading outside with a large juicy dill pickle on the inside; these are the ideal starter before ordering their schWINGzzz’s. 

They offer both bone-in and boneless varieties of their trademarked wings with 14 sauces and four dry rubs to choose from. Servers recommend the house-made bleu cheese with an order of wings, and regulars swear by it as a cooldown to complement Knuk’s spicy wings. 

Anyone looking for a cold one to cool off their palate can find at least 16 draft beers on tap at any given time.

Original Wok

Especially in the winter, Chinese food can be the most comforting of cuisines. Original Wok is the place to go for quick carryout, so guests can hurry home and snuggle under a blanket to enjoy the meal. 

For now, Original Wok only offers carryout and delivery. On the menu are Americanized Chinese favorites, like orange chicken, fried rice, pot stickers and crab rangoon. Those with a craving will not be let down by the crab rangoon, which offers the perfect mixture of cream cheese with crab meat surrounded by a crunchy, fried wonton. 

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Have a street, city or business you want me to check out next? Email Maria Hehman at [email protected] and it could be featured on the next LINK Streetscapes.

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