Construction begins on Darlas Drive to keep water away from yards, homes

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Construction has been authorized for Darlas Drive in Cold Spring to combat flooding in yards and homes.

Council passed a motion to implement a curb and gutter method, which consists of a short wall to act as a barrier between the street and yards, in addition to a gutter of flat concrete that drains water away from yards.

“We would add curb and gutter and storm in that curve because we are going to super-elevate the road until everything into that curve for granite,” said Steve Taylor, the city administrative officer at a January city council meeting.

This hasn’t been the first time the city has dealt with this problem. This issue happened a few years ago in the city and this same method was used to combat it, council members said at the meeting.

“Nothing is going to completely solve the problem,” Taylor said. “It will help mitigate the problem, but it will not eliminate the problem completely.” 

Some neighbors who attended the meeting said they have been hit by water entering their yards, garages and homes.

“I’ve had water in my garage, and the curb that was put in originally is shoveling water, basically towards my house, and with the amount of water that comes down the road, there’s a lot of bleed off from the asphalt,” said Don Burkhardt, a Cold Springs resident.

Some who attended the city council meeting expressed their relief for the motion being passed to implement the curb and gutter method. Burkhardt expressed his gratitude for the motion being passed when addressing the council.

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The city has begun working on the curb and gutter method and said it should be done soon.

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