Semitruck trailer wedged underneath railroad tunnel in Pendleton County town

Kenton Hornbeck
Kenton Hornbeck
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A semitruck’s trailer top was peeled off while trying to travel through a railroad tunnel Tuesday.

The incident happened in the Pendleton County town of Butler. The road was blocked for hours with officials eventually clearing the impasse, confirmed Mayor Mason Taylor.

Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Pendleton County Sheriff’s Office, Butler Police Department and CSX were all notified. Crews removed the trailer from the tunnel by hooking it up with cables connected to a large tow truck and then dragging it out.

The semitruck was traveling south on State Highway 177 E. while trying to exit Butler, heading toward Crittenden in Grant County. The driver was confronted by a small railroad tunnel which is 10 feet high. The driver attempted to drive through the tunnel, only to fail when its trailer became stuck due to its large size.

The result was the trailer sustaining significant damage to its top and sides, with the top being peeled off like a can of tuna. Upon entering the tunnel from both directions, there are signs notifying truck drivers of the 10 foot tall clearance.

Photo provided | Mayor Mason Taylor
Photo provided | Mayor Mason Taylor
Photo provided | Mayor Mason Taylor

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