Covington school board avoids topic of newly elected Edelen’s unrenewed teacher contract

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Members of the Covington Independent School Board took their seats Thursday evening for a regular meeting.

A WCPO article detailing newly elected board member and former Covington teacher Hannah Edelen was not mentioned, aside from the disbursement of pamphlets in lieu of speaking about the matter during the meeting.

Covington Independent School Board members at the opening of the meeting Jan. 12, 2023. Photo by Alecia Ricker | LINK nky

The article talks about a May 2022 letter that Covington Superintendent Alvin Garrison wrote after not renewing Edelen’s contract as a Holmes Middle School teacher. Edelson, who is Miss Kentucky 2022, is now also one of five school board members who have direct supervisory responsibility for Garrison.

The pamphlets said, in part, “the allegations contained in the non-reenewal are false and unsubstantiated as evidenced by the personnel file.”

A pamphlet handed out at the Covington School Board meeting Thursday night.

Garrison didn’t comment on the matter Thursday evening, but he told the Lexington Herald Leader that “we value the unique talents and perspectives that each elected board official brings to the table, and as District employees we are excited to work with the Board as a team in furtherance of the educational mission of the School District.”

Other board members declined to comment on the topic — written or otherwise.

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