Construction underway for U-turn on Ted Bushelman in Florence

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Florence drivers should be cautious of Ted Bushelman Boulevard until Sept. 28, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced in a Facebook post this week.

Construction crews are widening Ted Bushelman Boulevard and developing a U-turn near the Aldi’s exit.

Milling takes place Friday, paving operations are scheduled for Sept. 26, and the final barrels and cones are set to be added on Sept. 28. The U-turn is intended to aid traffic congestion at the Houston Road intersection, the post said.

The U-turn is referred to as an “R-cut reduced conflict U-turn” and directs drivers away from commercial entrances. Left turn access will be eliminated and results in an extra lane being added before the U-turn. Drivers are required to yield to vehicles coming from the opposite direction before approaching the U-turn.

A majority of the comments on the Facebook post begrudged the project.

“Why do we insist on overcomplicating things in Boone County?” asked Suzy Martin Godsted.

Another commenter wondered if the arrangement was too complicated.

“Do you expect the average driver to comprehend that,” David Alexander said. “People are going to U-turn wherever they wish (like they always do).”

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