Hacked: Thomas More University’s Facebook page posts pics of woman posing suggestively

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A video of commencement ceremonies is now a stream of the video game “League of Legends”, and the main profile photo is of a young woman in a crop top and tie-dyed shorts.

Very short shorts.

The Facebook page of Thomas More University was apparently hacked, rebranded as a “Gaming video creator”, and for the past day has posted numerous photos of a woman posing suggestively, with captions in Spanish.

A post on July 15, which was seemingly created originally by the Crestview Hills university was captioned, “The 94th Commencement Ceremonies for Thomas More University (May 14, 2022 – 2 p.m.) – Congratulations to the graduates of the College of Business.” It included a video. But now the post has been altered to include a video of the game “League of Legends”. Any posts from the university since July 15 are no longer visible and since Friday morning, the Facebook page has been filled with unauthorized photo of the woman in various poses, showing skin, and asking questions (translated to English from the original Spanish) such as, “I wonder what color pants to wear for walking. What color u think would suit me best? help me.”

“I’m lonely so I’m lonely often have to experience a sad dream,” another post reads. “What shirt do you think goes with these pants of mine?,” reads another.

Thomas More University’s Facebook page was hacked (via screenshot)

All the images of the woman show her in tight, revealing clothing.

The university said in a statement that it is trying to regain access to its account, but in the meantime, launched a new page where a statement was issued.

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“The Thomas More University Facebook account Thomas More University was hacked,” the statement reads. “The University is doing everything we can to contact Facebook to help us resolve this issue and regain control of our page. In the meantime, we have developed this Facebook page Thomas More University so that our community can continue to interact with us on this social network platform and so that we can dispute the other page’s activity under our name.

“Of course we are frustrated by the incident, but we ask for your patience and grace as we work through this challenge.”

On Saturday, LINK nky reached out to Thomas More for further comment and this story may be updated when anything new is learned.

At least one university official was also spotted participating in the comments of the unauthorized posts, urging people to report the hacking to Facebook and to help Thomas More regain access.

Other Facebook users have left hundreds of comments with many finding humor in the situation.

“Hahahaha she probably failed from this school,” one comment reads.

“Alright who fell for the phishing scam? CIS or PR?,” another reads, referencing “computer information systems” or public relations possibly being tricked by a hacker seeking to gain access to the account.

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