Covington Police Chief set to retire September 1

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Kenton Hornbeck
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After five years at the helm of the Covington Police Department, Chief Rob Nader is set to retire.

Nader submitted his notice on August 4. The city commission will vote to accept it later this month.

Nader has been with the Covington Police Department for 25 years.

“This decision has not been made without much thought and consideration,” Nader said in a letter to City Manager Ken Smith. “I love my job and have thoroughly enjoyed my 25 years of service to the City of Covington and the Covington Police Department. I wanted to leave on top, a high note, not at a time where I no longer enjoyed my career.”

Nader is out of town and was not available to comment for this story, according to a city spokesperson.

A Covington native, Nader started with the Covington PD in 1997. He previously served as a patrol officer, patrol sergeant, patrol bureau commander, community relations officer, bike patrol, SWAT negotiator, SWAT commander, criminal investigations sergeant, patrol lieutenant, and administrative captain.

In June 2015, Nader was promoted to Assistant Police Chief. He was then promoted to Police Chief in September 2017.

The city knows Nader as a “Patrolman’s Chief” from his history serving as a patrol officer, according to a document distributed to city commissioners ahead Tuesday night’s caucus meeting. He served as Covington’s first LGBTQ Liason Officer along with Jen Rudolph.

“His commitment to the department and the city is evident daily in his actions and personal interactions with police, city staff and the public,” City Manager Ken Smith wrote in the document. “He is often found answering calls or being on the radio, and he frequently drives around town taking notice of anything that may affect the department or the city.”

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Nader thanked all the sworn and non-sworn personnel at the Covington PD in his letter to Smith.

“I thank you for the opportunity to serve the City of Covington, for giving me the means to grow as a person, raise a family, and obtain a higher education,” Nader said.

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