Among Campbell County election results, new Wilder mayor/Campbell County School Board member

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Haley Parnell
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Campbell County saw a couple of incumbent losses in this election cycle, including the Wilder mayoral race and an upset in the Campbell County Board of Education District 1 race. Voters also elected a new Family Court Judge (3rd Division) and a new District Judge (2nd Division) Tuesday Night.

This story includes competitive races. We did not include those in which there were only one or not enough candidates to fill the designated number of seats. The winner(s) will be noted in bold and with “winner” typed next to the name(s) when the results appear to be final.

These are the results of the 2022 General Election races in Campbell County:

Bellevue City Council

(Elect six)

  • Stephen Guidugli (incumbent): Winner
  • Terry Hatton
  • Ryan Salzman (incumbent): Winner
  • Shauna Kruse (incumbent): Winner
  • Patrick Hogan (incumbent): Winner
  • Mike Almoslechner: Winner
  • Sean Fisher (incumbent): Winner

Bellevue Mayor

(Elect one)

  • Charlie Cleves (incumbent): Winner
  • Chasity Bothman

Bellevue School Board

(Elect three)

  • Jenn Owens (incumbent): Winner
  • Dan Sparks
  • Dan Swope (incumbent): Winner
  • Jenny Swope Hazeres (incumbent): Winner

Campbell County Commissioner—District 1

(Elect one)

  • Brian Painter- Republican Party (incumbent): Winner
  • Melissa Whalen- Democratic Party

The incumbent Brian Painter won reelection after months of not knowing if he would even appear on the ballot.

After Painter narrowly defeated his challenger, Dave Fischer, in the May primaries, Fischer’s campaign filed suit, accusing Painter of breaking electioneering laws by passing out campaign materials to poll workers during early voting training.

In June, a Jefferson County Judge vacated Painter’s win, replacing him on the ballot with Fischer. Painter appealed that decision in August, and the court of appeals overturned the decision.

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Fischer’s campaign filed a motion for review by the Kentucky Supreme Court in September, but that motion was denied.

Painter defeated democratic challenger Melissa Whalen by over 6,000 votes.

Campbell County Commissioner—District 3

(Elect one)

  • Tom Lampe- Republican Party (incumbent): Winner
  • Patti Piatt- Democratic Party

Campbell County Board of Education—District 1

(Elect one)

  • Kailyn Campbell: Winner
  • Janis Winbigler (incumbent)

The longtime incumbent of 16 years and school board chair Janis Winbigler was defeated by just under 300 votes by challenger Kailyn Campbell.

Campbell was not declared a bona fide candidate in this race until Oct. 31 due to a lawsuit her opponent issued claiming that she couldn’t be a candidate in the District 1 race because Campbell lives in District 3.

The lawsuit was heard by Campbell County Circuit Court Judge Danial Zalla, who ruled that Campbell was an eligible candidate due to a decision by U.S. District Judge David Bunning in July that called for the School Board districts to be redrawn because districts 2 and 5 had too many people in them.

Because of that, Zalla ruled that a candidate for the Campbell County Board of Education didn’t have to live in the district they were running for because the districts were invalid.

Campbell County Board of Education—District 4

(Elect one)

  • Nicole Broomall
  • Barbara Weber
  • Peggy Schultz (incumbent): Winner  

Circuit Judge—Family Court, 17th Judicial Circuit, 3rd Division

(Elect one)

  • Abigail Voelker: Winner
  • Brenda Bonecutter

Voelker and Bonecutter are running in this race to fill an open seat left by Judge Richard Woeste.

Cold Spring City Council

(Elect six)

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  • Paul Kloeker (incumbent): Winner
  • Cindy Moore (incumbent): Winner
  • Laura Vroegindewey
  • Chris Ampfer (incumbent): Winner
  • Lisa Schmidt Cavanaugh (incumbent): Winner
  • Kenny Sears (incumbent)
  • Adam Sandfoss (incumbent): Winner
  • Jessica Neal (withdrew)
  • Mark Majors
  • Brian King
  • David Guidugli: Winner

Cold Spring Mayor

(Elect one)

  • Stephen Cunningham
  • David “Angelo” Penque (incumbent): Winner

District Judge—17th Judicial District, 2nd Division

(Elect one)

  • Erin Sizemore: Winner
  • David Steele

Sizemore and Steele are running for District Judge 2nd Division to fill a vacated seat left by Judge Karen Thomas.

Sizemore bested Steele in this race, winning by nearly 10,000 votes.

Fort Thomas City Council

(Elect six)

  • Benjamin Pendery (incumbent): Winner
  • Vickie Ellis
  • Kevin Duke
  • Andy Ellison: Winner
  • Eric Strange: Winner
  • Lauren Mcintosh: Winner
  • Adam Blau (incumbent): Winner
  • Jeff Bezold (incumbent): Winner

Fort Thomas School Board

(Elect three)

  • Clem Fennell: Winner
  • Tobias Varland (Withdrew)
  • Sarah Foster: Winner
  • David Russell
  • Lisa Duckworth (incumbent)
  • Ann Meyer (incumbent): Winner
  • Pam Schultz
  • Noah Gibson

Highland Heights City Council

(Elect six)

  • Alex Bramel: Winner
  • Gary Chinn (incumbent): Winner
  • John Braun II.: Winner
  • Eddie Fessler: Winner
  • Virgil Miller (incumbent)
  • Deborah Ball (incumbent): Winner
  • John Hoffert (incumbent): Winner

Newport City Commission

(Elect four)

  • Beth Fennell (incumbent): Winner
  • Gordon Henry
  • Ken Rechtin (incumbent): Winner
  • Mike Radwanski: Winner
  • David Capella
  • Julie Smith-Morrow: Winner
  • Ed Davis

Newport School Board

(Elect two)

  • Ramona Malone (incumbent): Winner
  • Scott Fleckinger
  • Timothy Curl
  • Sylvia Covington (incumbent): Winner

Southgate City Council

(Elect six)

  • Michael Lycans: Winner
  • Tommy Wegener: Winner
  • Paul Melville: Winner
  • Chris Robisch
  • Joseph “Joe” Anderson: Winner  
  • Mark Messmer: Winner
  • Aileen Okura: Winner
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Wilder Mayor

(Elect one)

  • Robert “Bob” Arnold (incumbent)
  • Valerie Jones: Winner                   

The incumbent Wilder Mayor, Robert Arnold, was defeated by current city council member Valerie Jones in this race. Jones defeated Arnold by 42 votes.

Jones has served on the Wilder City Council for the past eight years.

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