Campbell County Public Library’s new workstations offer parents peace of mind while they work  

Haley Parnell
Haley Parnell
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After working as the Newport Branch Manager for 19 years, Valerie Davis said she sees 5-minute tasks turn into 20-minute jobs while parents try to keep their children happy.

Davis said she keeps up with the latest library innovations. When she saw the idea for workstations that consist of a desk with a computer and a combined enclosed area with a padded bottom and learning activities for kids, she knew it would be a “natural fit” for the community.

Now implemented in the Newport and Fort Thomas library branches, parents and caregivers can bring children into the library and get work done while their kiddo has a fun and safe space to go.

“I thought this would be one of the better ways where you could still have access to a computer, give your child a place where you could watch them give them books and learning activities that would keep them excited, and it would take a great deal of stress off the caregiver,” Davis said.

There is one station located in each branch’s children’s area. Davis said there is also one at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Public Library.

The workstations have been up for roughly one month, and Davis said they have been in constant use.

“Two people that I talked to specifically about it—one of them was just so excited, she was trying to apply for jobs, and it gave her a chance to apply for jobs and not have to constantly keep her eye on her child because the child was right next to her,” Davis said.

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Another group Davis said she sees using the stations are older siblings that bring in their younger siblings while they do homework, etc. She said people also utilize the padded enclosed area for their children to nap while working.

With the popularity of the workstations, Davis said they hope for more in the future, but they are large, and space is limited.

“Thankfully, so far, there haven’t been people needing them when they weren’t available,” Davis said. “But you know, we can always hope for more.”

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