BLINK attractions you can’t miss in NKY

Kenton Hornbeck
Kenton Hornbeck
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BLINK season is officially upon Northern Kentucky. With the radiant light show making its way back to the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, LINK nky has compiled a list of the most compelling BLINK attractions in Covington that you really shouldn’t miss.


Drone Light Show

The drone light show will feature 300 drones, putting on a 10-minute display. The show is a new addition to the festival and will take place at Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati. Northern Kentucky viewers can stand at Covington Plaza where they will be able to witness the show taking place across the river.

The drone light show will be put on by Sky Elements Drone Shows from the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

The show will take place at 9 and 10:30 p.m. on Thursday. On Friday through Sunday, the show will take place each day from 8 and 10 p.m.

Radiant Rose

The walkthrough interactive light display is put on by Digital Castaway and Nimble Prototyping. Radiant Rose will border the Drone Light Show zone.

Digital Castaway contributed to the display’s video programming and design, Nimble Prototyping contributed to the electrical engineering, and Radius Concepts was in charge of the metal fabrication for the display.

From renderings of Radiant Rose, it looks as though people will be able to walk through a series of metal rods arranged in the shape of a rose that will light up with different colors.

This display is located at the Covington Plaza.


Beamsplitter is an optical device, commonly known as a prism, that separates light into transmitted and reflected beams. A beam is a rigid structural element which is common in all architecture. Beamsplitter combines both elements of its namesake.

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Ted Madden and Sean Cottengim’s collaborative walkthrough project aims to break common architectural elements using lightweight materials like vinyl. This amplifies qualities of light that define space all around the viewer.

Imagine walking through a rainbow. That’s Beamsplitter.

The display is located on Park Place near Smoke Justis.

Future Connections

The display’s purpose is to visually transport the viewer 10,000 years into the future. Artist Greg D’Amico is trying to tell the story of the people who lived on the land, who they were and how they survived.

The display features themes such as the Ohio River, local architecture and the Underground Railroad. D’Amico wants to convey a message of hope through his art.

This display is located on Scott Boulevard and E. 4th Street.

Arcade of Light

The Arcade of Light by Kemper Sauce Studios is appealing to gamers. The display features an interactive collection of retro video games built on the latest microcontroller technology. The display is designed to be fun and approachable. It’s exaggerated scale looks to appeal to the viewers sense of wonder.

The display draws on the classic arcade experience, transporting viewers with its vast array of neon lights.

This display is located on Madison Avenue and E. 5th Street.


CINEMAGIC by Covington’s own Spotted Yeti Media looks to transform physical architecture through touchscreen navigation, opening portals to the viewers imagination. The display is influenced by the worlds of film and television masterpieces.

This display is located Madison Avenue and W. 6th Street.


ECO-NNECTIONS: TOGETHER by George Berlin Studios is inspired by the ocean, and explores how all life on earth is connected in one continuous stream. The display shines a light on this with by telling a story that brings the world together in one ecosystem, with floating whales playing in the rainforest and tropical trees soaring beside icebergs and the cool nights of the desert.

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This display is located on Madison Avenue and E. 7th Street.

In The Middle

In the Middle by Antaless Visual Design is a display located at the historic Mother of God Roman Catholic Church. The display looks to demonstrate how an artist can be completely at the service of architecture, and how this can suggest to him the composition of a work that is born in a completely casual but controlled way.

By using of lights and shadows, the expansion of time and space, the multiplication of objects, the application of physical/mathematical laws, the display appears as a continuous succession of ideas that pursue the logic of reasoning and imagination.

This display is located at 119 W. 6th St.


CLOUDY NIGHT by INFLATABILL is located in the famous Mainstrasse Village. The display features inflatable balloons that float overtop the viewer as they walk underneath observing the different lighting effects cast onto them.

This display is located in George Steinford Park.


The Ascent

The Ascent, Covington’s iconic blue-colored residential building designed by Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, will be lit up with an array of lights viewable from the street level.

London Police Mural

Located on the corner of 4th and Scott streets, the mural was painted street art group The London Police. It was designed by the late Mike Amann, a public art advocate and artist, who passed away in 2013 from colon cancer.

6th Street Bridge Underpass

Kenton County Public Library (Covington)

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