Sports Medicine and Patient-Centered Care: An Interview with Dr. Aloiya Kremer

Staff Report
Staff Report
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The following piece is sponsored by St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

If you’re an active person or seeking to maintain or return to an active lifestyle, paying close attention to your body is important when it comes to reaching your physical activity goals. Dr. Aloiya Kremer of St. Elizabeth Healthcare is a highly skilled sports medicine physician who specializes in providing comprehensive care to athletes and individuals seeking to regain their active lifestyle. 

With a professional background that includes a degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina, followed by medical school at the University of Toledo, residency at Ohio State University, and fellowship at the University of Alabama, Dr. Kremer has extensive experience in the field of sports medicine for patients of all ages. She also specializes in Bone Density and sees patients that have osteoporosis or need preventative visits for concerns related to bone density.

Dr. Kremer joined the St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine  team in May 2023 and currently practices at St. Elizabeth Physicians in Northern Kentucky. In this interview, Dr. Kremer shares insights into her career, patient care philosophy, her challenges and rewards of the field, and the importance of staying updated with the latest advancements.

LINK nky:  You’re new to the team! Tell us about our experience so far at St. Elizabeth. 

Dr. Kremer: “Working at St. Elizabeth has been a wonderful experience. The people here have been incredibly welcoming and supportive, which has helped facilitate a smooth transition into my new role. The collaborative environment and the support of the team have made it a great place to work and provide exceptional care to our patients.

LINK nky: What motivated you to specialize in Sports Medicine? 

Dr. Kremer: “My personal experiences as a volleyball player and distance runner, which resulted in overuse injuries, sparked my interest in the field of sports medicine. I was determined to understand the recovery process and how to prevent future injuries. Shadowing professionals in the field during high school further solidified my passion for helping athletes and active individuals overcome their challenges.”

LINK nky: How do you approach patient care and what is your philosophy when it comes to building relationships with your patients? 

Dr. Kremer: “I believe in a patient-centered approach, especially in sports medicine. It is crucial to customize and personalize treatment plans based on each patient’s specific goals. Whether they are high-level athletes aiming to return to their sport in a specific amount of time or sedentary patients wanting to get back to their everyday activities, my approach must adapt accordingly. Building a strong rapport and understanding my patient’s motivations and aspirations are vital in building a successful doctor-patient relationship.”

LINK nky: What are some of the challenges and rewards associated with the practice of Sports Medicine? 

Dr. Aloiya Kremer of St. Elizabeth Healthcare is a highly skilled sports medicine physician who specializes in providing comprehensive care to athletes and individuals seeking to regain their active lifestyle.

Dr. Kremer: “As far as the biggest challenge, which can be kind of fun to solve, is the puzzle of an athlete who wants to be healthy for an event but also return to activity in a safe manner. There is a reward in helping someone get back to their activities or ready for a game and perform well. Those types of things are so rewarding to hear from patients. I have also had patients where their child was getting married and they wanted to dance at the reception  – that is just as rewarding as helping a quarterback return to a game.”

LINK nky: What do you enjoy most about your work? 

Dr. Kremer: “The field of sports medicine offers a lot of variety. I have the opportunity to treat a wide range of patients, young and old, addressing musculoskeletal conditions throughout the body. I also perform procedures like injections and ultrasounds, so the hands-on aspect of the job adds another layer of variety in my daily schedule.”

LINK nky: In what ways do you stay updated with the latest advancements and research in Sports Medicine to ensure the best possible care for your patients? 

Dr. Kremer: “I stay informed through the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine’s annual meetings, which provide valuable updates on evidence-based treatments and management. Additionally, I regularly review journal articles. I also stay abreast of sports medicine-related news, like concussions, sports nutrition, and other trends. I like to understand what our patients might be reading. It is essential to keep up with the evidence behind emerging therapies and technologies.”

LINK nky: Collaboration and teamwork are crucial in healthcare. How do you work with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care for your patients? 

Dr. Kremer: “Teamwork is a big part of our field, in general. Within the sports medicine practice, I work closely with athletic trainers, who help educate patients on exercise programs and assist in their visit from start to finish. Patients  see both myself and an athletic trainer during their office visits, and we often refer them to physical therapists for further rehabilitation. In addition, we work with athletic trainers at dozens of local schools, who act as liaisons between the coaching staff and the medical team and help with injury diagnosis, management, and return-to-play protocols.”

LINK nky: Can you describe a particularly challenging case you’ve encountered in your practice and how you approached it? 

Dr. Kremer: “I have encountered challenging cases involving concussions, especially when they lead to persistent symptoms lasting four weeks or longer. These cases require a multidisciplinary approach, involving physical therapists, occupational therapists, school educators, and neurologists. Collaborating with various professionals helps ensure a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the complex needs of the patient.”

LINK nky: Patient education is crucial. How do you ensure that your patients are well-informed about their conditions, treatment options, and necessary lifestyle changes? 

Dr. Kremer: “Patient education plays a vital role in our practice. At a patient’s final visit, when they are cleared to return to sports or other activities, we address biomechanical risk factors and provide guidance on lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, and recovery components to reduce the risk of recurrent injuries. We also focus on strengthening specific  muscle groups for better sport-specific techniques for acute and chronic injuries, and  provide advice on recovery strategies like nutrition for overuse injuries.”

To learn more about Dr. Aloiya Kremer and which locations she practices at, please visit St. Elizabeth’s website by clicking here

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