Answers in Genesis purchases former Toyota engineering HQ in Erlanger

Kenton Hornbeck
Kenton Hornbeck
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Answers in Genesis, the Christian organization behind the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, has just made their next real estate purchase in Northern Kentucky.

For a price tag of $31.3 million, Answers in Genesis bought the former Toyota North American engineering & manufacturing headquarters from Corporex, located in Erlanger around Mineola Pike.

Toyota moved out of the building in 2017 and relocated to Plano, Texas. Corporex purchased it the following year. The 30-year old building will house the organization’s headquarters and a Christian-based school called Answers Academy.

“The purchase of this building will save the ministry many tens of millions of dollars for several planned future projects and allow them to be implemented much more quickly, instead of years down the road,” CEO Ken Ham said in a press release. “Overall, this facility will provide a home for Answers Academy without having to build a major school complex.”

The plan is for the school space to comfortably accommodate 450-500 K-12 students. Answers in Genesis is also planning on running the general offices for their Answers.TV streaming service in the building.

The 205,000-square-foot facility has been vacant for four years, and is located 10 minutes from the Creation Museum and the adjacent Answers in Genesis offices, which ran out of room to accommodate staff and new hires. Answers in Genesis plans to progressively move staff inside the building during the latter half of 2023 with high priority given to relocating Answers Academy from its current rented facilities.

The Atlantic Corporate Center, where the building is located, is part of CirclePort, which is a 650-acre development in Boone County that has primarily been used as a business-park-focused development since its opening in the 1980s. Since the economic needs of the Greater Cincinnati area have evolved, Corporex has begun shifting the development toward mixed-use.

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Earlier this year, Ham announced that over 10 million guests have visited both the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter since their inception. The building is conveniently positioned close to CVG Airport and to Answers in Genesis’ two main attractions.

“As Answers in Genesis continues to grow in many of its outreaches, including welcoming large crowds at our two attractions, the ministry will have an even larger economic impact on the region,” Ham said. “This includes seeing new hotels opening in the area to accommodate our visitors and future conference attendees, who are coming here from all over the world.”

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