Biggby Coffee is coming to Cold Spring

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Plans for a new Biggby Coffee in Cold Spring were approved at a planning and zoning meeting this week, paving the way for the chain to open a new location on Martha Lane Collins Boulevard in the County Square Shopping Center’s parking lot.

Michael and Rachel Leighton will own the Cold Spring location. The couple lives in Crittenden and have four children. Rachel is a nutrition counselor, and Michael is a concrete plant manager. Biggby Coffee will be their first business together. Rachel will take a leave of absence from her job to establish the business in Cold Spring.

The current plan is for Biggby Coffee to be an 852-square-foot, single-story café with no seating. An opening date has not been set, but tentative plans are to open in February or March of 2023.

Biggby Coffee was founded in 1995 in East Lansing, Michigan by Bob Fish and Michael McFall. The franchise has more than 300 locations in 13 states. They offer up coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, smoothies, lemonade and more. They also vend snacks like bagels, muffins and donut holes.

“We really like the area. Most of our baristas are college-age and high school-age kids. So being right close to Northern is fantastic. It means one of our target demographics and most of our staff is coming from that age group,” Rachel Leighton said. “We love coffee. We spent a lot of time at Biggby’s before we ever thought about being a franchise. We were just making small talk with an owner and opportunity kind of presented itself and here we are.”

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