Broadband internet provider focused on rural communities coming to Walton

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Enhanced and upgraded broadband internet service will begin flowing in Walton through new equipment and technology that Broadlinc has installed on an existing water tower.

Owen Co.-based Broadlin partnered with XtremeLTE, a provider of ultra-high speed wireless broadband radios and equipment on the project, which the companies say will enable Broadlinc to serve homes where broadband internet is not available, and where residents’ current service provider cannot meet their needs.

“Broadlinc is very excited about the Walton project,” said Broadlinc Vice President of Sales Jamie Humphrey. “We are looking forward to bringing a reliable, customer-first experience to citizens of the Walton area.”

Broadlinc is a provider of high-speed internet, cable TV and phone services.

“We feel this will be a great partnership between Broadlinc and the Walton community,” Humphrey said. “Being locally owned and operated we have the ability to service our customers in a way that enhances their experience. The constant that we hear is how we make every customer feel important, and we are dedicated to that mission.”

Residents can visit and fill out the Check Availability Form.

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