NKY streetscapes: Burlington Pike in Florence

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I’ve got a very sweet segment of streetscapes this week: I found doughnuts, coffee, ice cream and, best of all, puppies!

Pink in a Blanket Doughnuts: 7220 Burlington Pike

I originally discovered this place when I was in college. There’s something about a doughnut and coffee before class that just makes your entire day better. A few friends and I would go to various coffee shops on Tuesday mornings before class and would research places to go.

We found Pink in a Blanket and fell in love.  

They started making specialty doughnuts before specialty doughnuts were cool. What enticed my friend into bringing us here is what their shop is named after: pigs in a blanket. 

My friend insisted that we all had to try one and that it would change our lives.

He was right.

But I still think the star of the show was their doughnuts. If I’m going to a doughnut shop I am not looking for savory — I want sweet. I want colorful, cute, sprinkles … and they had it all. 

While they closed temporarily during the pandemic, when I found out they reopened I had to go back to relive my college days.

I ordered my standard vanilla iced coffee, and asked the people working to pick a half dozen of their favorite doughnuts for me to try. I felt like those Tik Tokers who do Crumble Cookie reviews, where they sample each and give the leftovers to a family member.

As boring as this may sound, my absolute favorite of the bunch was a glazed croissant. It was a good mix of a classic doughnut, but butterier and flakier, since it was a croissant. It played nicely with my coffee since the coffee was on the sweeter side.

The runner up would be their raspberry jam filled doughnut.

If you go, get a variety and taste them with your friends.

This location also offers a drive thru, which makes it a great quick stop on your morning commute. They have a second location in Mount Zion and they operate daily from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can check out their Facebook page for the most up-to-date information about their business. 

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Velocity Bike and Bean: 7560 Burlington Pike

There is never a time that I will say no to an iced coffee. I will plan my entire day around when and where I am getting said iced coffee. Velocity isn’t always the most convenient stop for me, but their coffee is so good that I will go out of my way.

The first visit here was confusing because I genuinely thought it was only a bike shop, and if you know anything about me, you know fitness it not my passion. My friend had insisted that I try this place, knowing how much I love quality coffee, so I went in, hoping that I wouldn’t be roped into joining a bike club. 

I was relieved when I went in to see that it truly is a coffee shop/ bike shop hybrid. It wasn’t a members only club and no one tried to sell me a bike. So far, off to a good start. 

The baristas were super friendly and suggested one of their lattes. I ordered a honeybee latte with honey, vanilla and cinnamon — it was so delicious.

The honeybee latte. Photo by Maria Hehman.

The atmosphere was not what I would expect of a place that also sell bikes: It was quiet, welcoming and a really good spot to sit and get some work done.

Fillmore’s Dairy Hut: 7500 Burlington Pike

Fillmore’s. Photo by Maria Hehman.

Fillmore’s is a blast from the past.

It transports you back to a different time with diner food and desserts, and it’s a perfect spot for cheap eats. One of the things that typically scares me about places I’ve never been to when they’re this affordable is that the quality might not be there.

I was super happy that this was not the case at Fillmore’s. The ice cream is some of the best I’ve ever had, and the flavors are very unique. They’ve got more than 20 flavors of soft serve, as well as any ice cream creation you’ve had before. You can also get shakes, malts, and cyclones, which is their version of a candy shake, almost like a McFlurry, but better. 

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I opted for the peanut butter soft serve and it was a great combination of salty and sweet. It came out white, but as soon as I tasted it I realized it was as flavorful as eating a spoonful of peanut butter straight out of the jar. For a soft serve, it definitely delivered on flavor.

I went with my mom, who used to go here when she was a kid. She always used to get an orange soft serve and all these years later, they still had it. It’s had a facelift since then, but they have pictures and memorabilia throughout the restaurant paying homage to its history.  

Fillmore’s also serves a variety of diner-like foods, all for around $5. It’s greasy and good and everything you want for a cheap eat. I kept seeing everyone walk by with plates of food, all covered in cheese, and it made my mouth water just looking at it.

Bark Park and Patio: 7544 Burlington Pike

Bark Park and Patio is a brand-new place that just opened up earlier this year. When I heard about the idea I originally thought that you had to own a dog to come here and that it was just a glorified dog park, but boy was wrong.

Although, yes, it is a dog park, it also operates as a tap room. Many breweries and bars across the NKY area are dog friendly, so what’s the difference? 

For starters, there’s regulations about dog vaccinations and leashes, all to ensure that both dogs and humans are safe. This way you don’t have to worry about your dog getting sick or injured. For someone like me, who is anxious about what could possibly go wrong, it’s comforting that this business covers all its bases. 

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The second really cool feature is that here, you get to pour your own beer. You start a tab at the beginning, then you get to choose from their draft selection and pour your own drink. You get to be your own bartender! Then after that you can sit on their covered patio or go outside into their huge fenced in yard and let your dog play with the other puppies there. 

I loved everything I had heard, but I didn’t have a dog, so I figured I couldn’t go. But to my surprise, they’re open to everyone. So, even if you’re just looking for a place to grab a beer and sit outside, this is a great option, dog or not. But so many times my friends aren’t able to hang out because they can’t leave their dogs at home, so it’s nice that there is a place where everyone can go. 

The other thing I love is this is a twenty-one and up establishment. Now, that might seem obvious with them being part bar part dog park, but so many breweries are kid friendly these days that it’s nice to have an adult only option.  

If you’re like me and love dogs but don’t have one, this is the perfect place to get your puppy fix, and a good brew too. 

All of these businesses are within only a few feet of each other, so it’s easy to make a day out of visiting these must-see places.

Like always, if there are any streets, cities or businesses you want me to check out next time, email me at [email protected]

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