Fort Thomas Ranks As Number One northern Kentucky School District


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Highlands High School. FTM file. 

Fort Thomas was once again ranked as the number one school district in Northern Kentucky, according to statewide test scores as the Kentucky Department of Education released school report cards for the 2015-16 school year.

Last year for the first time, Fort Thomas Independent Schools took away the top spot among Kentucky school district test results from Louisville area Anchorage Independent, after coming in second statewide for the 2013-2014 year. This year, Fort Thomas Independent was number three.

Murray Independent and Anchorage Independent checked in at the number one and two spots, respectfully this year.

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In the statewide assessment system, schools earned points on a scale of 0 to 100 for their students’ performances on subject tests. Also factored into schools’ overall scores were various other pieces of academic data, including achievement gaps, graduation rates, growth and more.

Fort Thomas Independent received an overall accountability score of 82.9. Beechwood Independent came in close behind, with a scores of 80.7.

While Fort Thomas’ rank dropped slightly, the overall scores are up from 81.5 and 82.5 in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, respectfully.

While none of the schools in the district ranked in the top 10, they all performed well among the 173 districts statewide.

Rankings in parentheses among high schools, middle schools and elementary schools: Highlands High School (16), Highlands Middle School (14), Moyer Elementary (11), Woodfill Elementary (12), Johnson Elementary (41)

This year, the college/career readiness rate increased 1.6 points over last year to 68.5. The four-year graduation rate also went up – to 88.6 from 88 in 2014-15.

“Kentucky schools are to be congratulated for their continued progress on graduating more students with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in the 21st century,” said Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt. “The gains we are seeing are the result of a lot of hard work by our teachers, administrators and our students with the support of parents community members and our education partners.”

Here is a look at each Campbell County school district, in order of achievement and with the schools’ rankings out of 173 districts, 228 high schools, 326 middle schools and 709 elementary schools noted.


District Rank: 3, Distinguished

Distinguished: Highlands High School (16), Highlands Middle School (14), Moyer Elementary (11), Woodfill Elementary (12), Johnson Elementary (41)

Board of Education office. FTM file. 


District Rank: 5, Distinguished/Progressing

Distinguished: Beechwood High School (4), Beechwood Middle School (16), Beechwood Elementary (221)


District Rank: 29, Distinguished

Distinguished: Campbell County High School (32), Grant’s Lick Elementary (27), Cline Elementary (34), Reiley Elementary (132), Crossroads Elementary (231)

Proficient: ​Campbell Ridge Elementary (309)

Needs Improvement: Campbell County Middle School (191)


District Rank: 32, Distinguished

Distinguished: Walton-Verona High School (5)

Proficient: Walton-Verona Middle School (173) Walton-Verona Elementary (294)


District Rank: 115, Proficient

Distinguished: Dayton High School (106), Dayton Middle School (118)

Needs Improvement: Lincoln Elementary (475)


District Rank: 143, Needs Improvement

Needs Improvement: Southgate Middle School (199), Southgate Elementary (455)


District Rank: 167, Needs Improvement

Proficient: Newport High School (153)

Needs Improvement: Newport Intermediate (692), Newport Middle School (253)


District Rank: 170, Needs Improvement

Needs Improvement: Bellevue High School (192), Bellevue Middle School (290), Grandview Elementary (681)


District Rank: 173, Needs Improvement

Needs Improvement: Silver Grove High School (227), Silver Grove Middle School (317), Silver Grove Elementary (707)

Other Campbell County Schools notes:

Crossroad Elementary School earned Distinguished/Progressing and High Performing School designations.

John W. Reiley Elementary, Highlands High School, Johnson Elementary earned Distinguished ratings.

Campbell County High School, Donald E. Cline Elementary School, Highlands Middle School and Woodfill Elementary School earned Distinguished/Progressing ratings and were named Schools of Distinction.

Grant’s Lick Elementary School and Moyer Elementary School received a Distinguished/Progressive ranting as well as School of Distinction/High Progress School recognitions.

Dayton Middle School and Dayton High School were named Distinguished/Progressing and Priority Schools.

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Middle Schools. Click to view in a larger window. 

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