Mind Your Business, NKY: Opening the Doors to Investing with Roebling Capital Partners’ Keith Carlson

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LINK nky CEO Lacy Starling and Business Reporter Kenton Hornbeck discuss all the new businesses popping up all around NKY from Ludlow’s 1975 Burgers, Shakes and Fries to Mainstrasse’s new gin bar, Juniper’s. You can read more on these new businesses at linknky.com.

Lacy then sits down with Keith CarlsonCo-founder, CEO and Managing Partner of Roebling Capital Partners (“RCP”) and Managing Director and Shareholder at VonLehman to learn what the terms Venture Capital and Private Equity really mean, and how someone interested in either side of that equation – either investing money or getting money to invest – can get started. Keith also weighs in on whether he thinks there is going to be a recession, and Lacy makes him commit to unreasonable returns on his investments. 

Mind Your Business, NKY! is sponsored by Payroll Partners.

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