LISTEN: Helping people grow healthy businesses with Rachel DesRochers, Incubator Kitchen Collective

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This week on Mind Your Business, NKY!, LINK nky CEO Lacy Starling and Business Reporter Kenton Hornbeck discuss tourism, booze and baseball. Kenton talks about MeetNKY’s annual meeting and how NKY has readjusted to normal after the pandemic. What are the statistics saying about area tourism related to bourbon, cultural events and distilleries? We’ll tell you!

Then, Lacy chats with Rachel DesRochers from The Incubator Kitchen Collective, a non-profit that helps food entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Rachel is also the mind behind the Good n’ Local food show which highlights local food in Kroger and P&G’s own backyard and Power to Pursue, a community for women entrepreneurs. 

What is a common thread throughout all her projects? Rachel is deeply rooted in service and that is how the Incubator Kitchen Collective was born. Over the last 10 years, the Incubator Kitchen Collective has assisted 170 local food start-ups including; The Tuba Baking Co., Ticketyboo, Beards and Bellies, North South Baking, Rose and Mary, Pickled Pig, Brown Bear Bakery, Mochiko, CinSoy and many more.

To learn more about Rachel and The Incubator Kitchen Collective, click here.

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