Opinion: Cybersecurity and tech innovation

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Written by Anthony Tsetse, program director for Information Technology and Cybersecurity at Northern Kentucky University.

Technology and innovation have evolved to become the foundation for almost every aspect of our lives. School districts and universities are using technology to create more education opportunities, hospitals are turning to technology to deliver better treatment, and small businesses are using online tools to reach new customers and market their products at lower costs – to name a few.

Small institutions have become attractive targets for hackers as they often don’t have the comprehensive protections larger businesses have. School districts, universities, small businesses, hospitals, local governments, and more have found themselves in the crosshairs of this growing cyber threat, putting people’s data, information, and security at risk. Morehead State UniversityTaylor Regional Hospital, and Norton Healthcare all suffered a cyberattack this year. 

The fact that technology touches every industry and aspect of our day-to-day lives means that cybersecurity has become even more important. Northen Kentucky University’s Cybersecurity program has emerged as a degree field due to the high demand for cybersecurity skills in the wake of an increasing number of security incidents. Cybersecurity professionals need a thorough understanding of business processes and modern computer systems. Our cybersecurity degree program is based on a strong core of computer information technology, computer science and business information systems augmented by cybersecurity courses.  

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October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month which serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting and securing our digital assets. Thankfully, American tech companies are on the front lines of integrating enhanced cyber protections into their platforms and building cyber protections that are accessible to institutions of all sizes. NKU is striving to be a part of this integration by providing the most applicable skills to our future workforce. Join NKU’s Cybersecurity Program and learn how to identify and eliminate security threats. NKU can provide you with the tools you need to lead in cybersecurity and tech innovation for companies across the country.

In a digital age where our interconnectedness is both a strength and a vulnerability, safeguarding our cyber infrastructure is essential. Working with Northern Kentucky University to lead the fight against security threats is a growing market and cybersecurity degrees will continue to become more valuable. NKU’s designation as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the NSA and Department of Homeland Security makes us a valuable partner for students and companies alike. Cyberattacks will continue to rise and that is why it’s important that we create the workforce that allows technology companies to innovate, stay ahead, and conquer these cyber threats to strengthen our Nation’s cybersecurity.

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