Boone County’s Jeff Earlywine announces retirement after 17 years

Meghan Goth
Meghan Goth
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Boone County Administrator Jeff Earlywine announced at Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting that he is retiring after 17 years with the county. 

Earlywine read a prepared letter aloud to the room.

“On June 1, I will celebrate my 17th anniversary of service with the county,” Earlywine said. “One month later, I will celebrate my 41st year in public office.”

Earlywine continued to say there is a season for everything and that he has been carefully considering the right time to make this transition.

“I am advising you with my intent to retire from county service effective July 31 of this year,” Earlywine said.

Earlywine said he is looking forward to spending time with his family.

“I can honestly say I would not change one thing about my career choices,” Earlywine said. “I’m proud of all of you, the work we do together, and so much appreciate your support and believe in good government. I truly believe the county’s best days are ahead of you. Keep going.”

Judge/Executive Gary Moore jokingly tried to adjourn the meeting before Earlywine read his letter.

“I do honor and respect Jeff’s decision,” Moore said. “We’ve had the best. Simply the best. We are blessed to have had you, Jeff, and your tremendous talents, your integrity. Every bit about you has been perfect for Boone County.”

Moore said that the county has a huge task ahead of it — especially since he has only worked with two administrators in his time in office.

“I can’t say how pleased I am in every way with what you’ve done with Boone County,” Moore said. “Jeff in his way is giving us as much time as we could possibly ask for. We’re going to build a team that continues to elevate our county as the best it can possibly be.”

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Boone County Commissioner Jesse Brewer told LINK nky he would miss Earlywine.

“Going into my second term, I’ve had the opportunity to get to work with Mr. Earlywine for five years, and it’s something I will always be grateful for,” Brewer said. “As a newly elected commissioner there is a lot to learn and Jeff was instrumental in helping me learn and navigate through all of that. Boone County will forever be a better place because of his service and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” 

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