The Kentucky Side: Kenton Co.’s Farming Families

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Kenton Co. is densely populated and geographically small, but retains a significant swath of rural land. On that land, local families continue their generational dedication to farming and agriculture.

That lifestyle was highlighted recently on the Kenton Co. Farm Tour.

Despite being best known as the home to Covington, just over a dozen miles south of the city center, the landscape turns green, with rolling hills and trees, and farms that are home to committed families, their crops, and animals.

It is not as strange as you may think to find a vibrant farming community in the state’s third most populous county. In fact, Kenton is one of three counties in the state to have increased its number of farms since 2012, according to the University of Kentucky Extension Office here. 

In this episode, we explore life on the farm in ‘South Kenton’.

The Kentucky Side is hosted by Michael Monks and produced by Cam Miler.


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