Resident presented Alexandria’s Outstanding Citizen Award

Haley Parnell
Haley Parnell
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Friends and family surrounded Jenni McBride at the July 6 Alexandria City Council Meeting, where she was presented with the city’s Outstanding Citizens Award.

She was honored for her acts of charity, love for her neighbors, and organization of community events for those in need. Alexandria Mayor Andy Schabell said the city had received four emails telling them why McBride would be a good candidate for the Outstanding Citizen Award.

“Just fantastic things that they said about you and what you’ve done,” Schabell said. “That you put others first before yourself, always willing to help other people out in their time of need. That makes a great citizen of the city.”

Schabell said they wanted everyone in the city to know about McBride and wanted to present her with the proclamation.

“Alexandria is a more welcoming, equitable, and kind place because of you as a result,” the proclamation read.

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