Ways to give back this holiday season

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In the height of the holiday season and as lots of wintry mixes move into the Northern Kentucky area, many shelters and centers could use the public’s help more than ever.

Places like the Brighton Center, Emergency Center of NKY and the Ion Center are hard at work making sure no one is left behind this season.

“As long as an individual can come in on their own two feet and be a good citizen in our facility, we will take them,” said Kim Webb, executive director of the Emergency Cold Shelter of Northern Kentucky. “We will figure out options regardless of addiction, criminal history, family situation, etc.”

The Cold Shelter’s biggest needs right now are things like winter coats, sweaters, thermal underwear and boots.

“This is all based on things we see a need for at the door,” Webb told LINK nky.

They also have a weekly Amazon wish list where they update new desired donations every Wednesday.

To support one warm night’s stay, individuals can donate $35. For $245, the public can fund a week’s stay for someone at the shelter, and for $1,085, a month.

Another place to help this holiday season is the Brighton Center, where they help move families towards self sufficiency.

“We ensure that thousands of families and future generations have the best possible support system as they transform their lives,” Deana Sowders, marketing and communications specialist for Brighton Center, Inc told LINK nky.

They offer a multitude of ways to make an impact for these families such as donating, through check, online or by becoming a monthly donor. You can also volunteer for one of their 47 programs.

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According to the Brighton Centers website, for every hour you volunteer, that equates to a $24.14 donation. That means when you spend an hour mentoring youth or working in our Choice Food Pantry or reading a book to a child, you save the Center $24.14. That’s over $190 for one day of volunteerism.

Sowders also mentioned their wish list, which has items like common household supplies, clothes and bedding requested.

The Brighton Center also has many events throughout the year which they directly benefit from when you sponsor or simply attend them.

The Ion Center for Violence Prevention also has a variety of ways to support their mission through things like college internships, group volunteering, in-house sorting and even hospital advocacy.

Per their website, “From landscaping efforts to donation drives, from sewing hospital departure totes for victim-survivors of sexual assault to holiday toy shopping for child victim-survivors of partner violence, we’d love to partner with your group, workplace, or organization for the benefit of those we serve.”

Small acts of service go a long way for the shelters that provide a sense of hope day in and out for the people that need it most this holiday season.

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