Kentucky’s first female master distiller debuts new bourbon

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By LEX18’s Austin Pollack

For all you bourbon fans, there’s a new line that has been close to a decade in the making.

Kentucky’s first female master distiller is behind “Forbidden.” Marianne Eaves launched the label, which is just the latest addition to her resume. 

“I have always approached the way that I make bourbon in a little bit of a different way,” she said.

Eaves has made history in the industry, but “Forbidden” is just the latest highlight of her career.

“When I first started at what was the historic Old Taylor Distillery to create my own path and make my own way in the industry, I started doing lots of research and lots of experimentation,” Eaves said.

Throughout the process, she has done things her way with her own unique spin and touch. While the product is distilled at Bardstown Bourbon through a partnership, she emphasizes it’s still a product she spearheaded.

“They use the suppliers that I specify, they use the barrels that I specify so it’s truly our product still being made in our way just by our trusted partner,” Eaves said.

She says the goal is for bottling to begin at the mid to end of June.

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