New firehouse, civic club to push back dump truck arrival in Villa Hills

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Villa Hills City Council discussed their soon-to-be rebuilt civic club and firehouse during Wednesday evening’s meeting.

Ernie Brown of the Villa Hills Civic Club is tasked with rebuilding the 61-year-old community structure along Rogers Road that burned in the overnight hours of Feb. 17.

A donation site will be forthcoming on the city’s website in the upcoming week.

As a result of the unexpected expense to rebuild the structure, Villa Hills’ planned purchase of a dump truck will need to be pushed back until next year.

“The dump truck that we thought we were going to get this year, we are going to get next year, hopefully,” Councilmember Jim Cahill said. “Basically, we are moving stuff from ’21-22 to ’22-’23. The big difference is the $700,000 contribution to the new fire house.”

Other things discussed at the meeting:

Councilmember Jim Cahill reported that the finance committee met May 16, where April’s financial statements were discussed, and no changes took place. Council then passed a motion that the financial statements be adopted and published on the city’s website.

Cahill added first readings were going to take place as the meeting progressed and the “committee has already reviewed” them:

  • First reading of Ordinance 2022-C, estimating revenues and resources for the fiscal year July 1, 2022, and ending June 30, 2023
  • First reading of Ordinance 2022-F, which appropriates designated payroll tax reserves, adjusting expenses in the capital fund, and adjusting the federal grant fund revenues and expenses for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021, and ending June 30, 2022.
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Rumpke’s contract with Villa Hills runs out on June 30 and prices will be going up by $3 a month, City Administrator Craig Bohman told council.

“If you average that out over the course of 52 weeks, it is literally a pennies’ increase over the year,” Bohman said.

Villa Hills’ next council meeting takes place on June 15, at 6:30pm.

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