Probation denied for convicted NKY teen rapist sentenced to 25 years in prison

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Written by WCPO’s Molly Schramm and Craig Cheatham

A Northern Kentucky man sentenced to 25 years in prison for raping one girl and sexually abusing three others when he was a teen was denied probation Wednesday after serving four years in juvenile detention, Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders said.

Joseph Eubank will be transported to adult prison on or prior to Saturday, which is his 21st birthday.

Ahead of Wednesday’s decision, WCPO’s I-Team spoke with Eubank’s victims and others about the potential probation.

“It’s a danger for society to even consider it,” one of Eubank’s victims told the I-Team. “I’m losing confidence in the justice system.”

Several years ago, a judge ordered the then-17-year-old former Covington Catholic student to be moved to an adult prison within five months after he turned 18, according to court records.

But Eubank’s family filed a lawsuit that prompted the State of Kentucky to keep him in a juvenile detention center until his 21st birthday.

Kentucky state law allowed Eubank to file a motion for probation since he was still in juvenile detention at 21. His attorneys filed that motion on Sept. 8.

If Kenton County Circuit Court Judge Mary ‘Kate’ Molloy granted the motion, Eubank would have gone to live with his parents in Kenton County, according to court records.

“It would just send a horrible message about how we treat serial rapists if he were to be let out,” Sanders previously said.

The motion also included Eubank’s psychological evaluations, letters from current and former detention center employees, letters from business pledging to hire him upon release and letters from his mother.

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