More than 6,000 voters added to Kentucky voter rolls in July

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Staff Report
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Kentucky voter registration increased in July, with 6,149 new voters added. Most of those voters were registered independents, according to an announcement from the secretary of state’s office. 

 “New voter registrations have now outpaced voter removals for the fifth straight month,” Secretary of State Michael Adams said. “In spite of, or perhaps because of, political polarization, the highest rate of voter registration is not among Republicans or Democrats, but Independents.”

In July, 4,903 voters were removed – 3,575 deceased voters, 659 voters who were convicted of felonies, 466 who moved out of state, 156 who voluntarily de-registered, and 47 who were adjudged mentally incompetent.

Republican registration increased by 1,290 voters, a .08% increase. Republicans account for 46% of the electorate, with 1,594,766 voters. 

Democratic registration decreased by 1,405 voters, a .09 decrease. Democrats account for 44% of the electorate with 1,527,955 voters. 

Those registered under “other” increased by 1,361 voters, a .39% increase. Other party affiliations account for 10% of the electorate with 350,059 voters. 

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