NKY Water District to receive $4M loan for infrastructure fixes near Ovation project

Mark Payne
Mark Payne
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The Northern Kentucky Water District will receive a $4 million loan to improve the water infrastructure in Newport and around the Ovation project along the banks of the Ohio River.

The loan was approved by the Kentucky legislature’s Capital Projects and Oversight Bond Committee Tuesday, and it will be used explicitly for the Newport and Ovation Water Main Replacement projects.

The project involves replacing the water mains located in the urban core of the Water District’s service area in Newport, according to the project description submitted to the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. The service area includes areas near the Ovation project built over the former Peter G. Noll housing project.

“The project will involve replacement of approximately 25,000 linear feet of aging water line that experiences a high incidence of breakage of low flows,” said Sandy Williams, the executive director of the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, who approved the loan at its May 4 meeting.

Further, Williams said, the funds will be used to upgrade water mains to the minimum standard size to improve system capacity and redundancy.

“The overall project will reduce water main breaks, water loss service disruptions, and limit the possibility of contaminants entering the system,” Williams said.

Northern Kentucky Sen. Shelley Funke Frommeyer (R-Alexandria) said she’s been hearing about issues with aging lines at local city council meetings over the last year and a half.

“The goal is to get our infrastructure so that we can replace some of these aging lines,” Funke Frommeyer said.

The loan is a “Fund F” loan and comes from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund — a program established between the Environmental Protection Agency and states to improve water infrastructure and drinking water. Kentucky received $69,596,000 from the federal fund for fiscal year 2023.

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The fund is revolving, so as entities make payments, it opens up money to go to other agencies for water infrastructure projects.

The 20-year loan to the water district has an interest rate of 2.25%. It will cost the water district roughly $155,766 per year.

Here are the areas where the water main replacement will occur as part of the Newport / Ovation Project:

  • Amelia Street from Home Street to Widrig Street.
  • Brighton Street from West 5th Street to Chestnut Way and from approximately 225 feet north of West 6th Street to West 9th Street.
  • Clifton Avenue from West 13th Street to McHenry Street.
  • East 3rd Street from Washington Avenue to Providence Way.
  • East 5th Street from Washington Avenue to Park Avenue.
  • East 7th Street from Linden Avenue to the east end of the Street and from Monmouth Street to Washington Street.
  • Grandview Avenue from McHenry Street to Central Avenue.
  • Hodge Street from Lowell Street to Brighton Street.
  • Home Street from 19th Street to Amelia Street.
  • Joyce Avenue from New Linden Road to Florence Circle.
  • Linden Avenue from Nelson Place to East 9th Street.
  • Lindsey Street from Lowell Street to Patterson Street.
  • Oak Street from East 6th Street to East 7th Street.
  • Putnam Street from 7th Street to 10th Street.
  • Roberts Street from East 6th Street to 225’ north of East 9th Street.
  • Truesdale Street from Grandview Avenue to the end of the street.
  • 21st Street from Kentucky Drive to the end of the street.
  • West 4th Street from York Street to approximately 210 feet west of Central Avenue.
  • West 5th Street from Brighton Street to approximately 270 feet east of Patterson Street and from Central to approximately 160’ west of Central.
  • West 6th Street from Central Avenue to west of Brighton Street.
  • West 7th Street from Central Avenue to west of Brighton Street.
  • West 10th Street from Lowell Street to Isabella Street.
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The Northern Kentucky Water District has numerous projects in process throughout the service area.  A list of projects currently being designed and under construction can be found on their website at: https://nkywater.org/engineering-construction/.

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