NKY lawmaker named to first Senate impeachment committee since 1800s

Mark Payne
Mark Payne
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The Kentucky Senate selected a Northern Kentucky senator as one of seven named to a committee set to consider the impeachment of a former state prosecutor whose trial started Monday.

The Senate committee is the first since 1885, when the upper chamber convicted state Treasurer James “Honest Dick” Tate for stealing around $200,000 from the Commonwealth before fleeing. He was never found. 

Sen. Gex Williams (R-Verona) was chosen to sit on the committee to hear charges against former Commonwealth’s Attorney Ronnie Goldy Jr. — representing Rowan, Menifee, Bath, and Montgomery counties — who was impeached by the House in February over allegations of requesting nude photos in exchange for legal favors. 

The House impeached Goldy 97-0 in February, but only after he resigned from his position the day before the vote. If impeached, it would prevent Goldy from running for future office.

The House committee reviewed 199 pages of Facebook messages between Goldy and a woman in Bath County regarding her criminal cases and findings from a special report. 

In the final report from the House Committee, it concurred with the Findings of the Fact from the Special Commissioner appointed by the Supreme Court. The findings showed that Goldy was in personal contact with the woman from Bath County and discussed her criminal cases without the presence of her lawyer. 

“The Special Commissioner found that the respondent [Goldy] also requested and received inappropriate communications from this defendant as quid pro quo for his actions,” the report says, further elaborating that Goldy abused his power. 

In a letter to the House impeachment committee, Goldy denied the allegations and said the messages between him and the woman weren’t what “have been reported.” 

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“I can tell you at NO time did I ever ask for nude images or video,” Goldy said, though he did say he helped the Bath County woman, and she sent nude photos without being prompted. 

In one text message after the woman sent nude photos, she said, “Isn’t that one of the hottest pics ever? Convince me otherwise.”

Goldy swore in his letter that he never requested the photos, but then the women requested to trade pics and videos for money. Goldy repeatedly details that he never asked for any pictures or videos. 

The House committee, however, found sufficient evidence that the incidents did occur. 

The Senate impeachment committee will meet March 21-22 during the veto period for the Kentucky legislature. 

The members of the Senate committee are:

Sen. Michael Nemes, R-Shepherdsville

  • Sen. Brandon Storm (R-London)
  • Sen. Lindsey Tichenor (R-Smithfield)
  • Sen. Gex Williams (R-Verona)
  • Sen. Cassie Chambers Armstrong (D-Louisville)
  • Sen. Reginald Thomas (D-Lexington)
  • Sen. Jason Howell (R-Murray)

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