Prosecutors allegedly asked for pardons, nude photos, per impeachment committee docs

Mark Payne
Mark Payne
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After spending over two hours in executive session, the Kentucky House impeachment committee decided to publicly release the letter it sent Ronnie Goldy, one of two commonwealth attorneys the House is investigating over alleged misconduct.

Goldy, a prosecutor representing Rowan, Menifee, Bath, and Montgomery counties, allegedly asked for nude photos and videos in exchange for legal favors. In the letter, the committee outlines a resolution to potentially bring impeachment charges against the prosecutor if there’s sufficient evidence.

They also offered him a chance to respond and speak on his behalf. Goldy has not responded to the letter.

The second Commonwealth attorney being investigated is Rick Boling, a prosecutor representing Christian County, who allegedly falsified testimony. He also allegedly requested former Gov. Matt Bevin’s pardon of a sex offender whose family donated to Boling’s campaign.

Boling resigned before the Jan. 17 meeting, which was the second time the committee met after convening on Jan. 5. They also decided to release Boling’s resignation letter.

After the meeting, Rep. Daniel Elliott (R-Danville) said the charges against Goldy are serious. He declined to comment when asked what documents or evidence the committee is reviewing.

“We take our business very seriously,” Elliott said. “We will exercise due process and fairness in this proceeding, and we’ll get to the right conclusion.”

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