Beshear endorses Lehman in race against Massie

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Mark Payne
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Gov. Andy Beshear endorsed 4th Congressional Candidate Matthew Lehman at Hotel Covington on Tuesday.

Lehman, a Democrat, is running in the 4th District against Republican Thomas Massie, who has held that seat since 2012. Alexandra Owensby was the last Democrat to face Massie, and she lost 67% to 33% in 2020.

Beshear said that Lehman is focused on education, healthcare, good jobs, and families, “and that’s why Matt Lehman has my full and total endorsement,” Beshear said, “because we need someone who cares more about fighting for our people than cares about fighting on Twitter.”

Rep. Rachel Roberts (D-Newport) and Rocky Adkins, a senior adviser for Beshear, joined Lehman and Beshear at a table at Coppins Restaurant inside the hotel. The duo talked about issues facing the 4th District and why they believe Lehman is the top person for the job, like the funding for the Brent Spence Bridge.

Massie voted against the infrastructure bill, which is set to provide funding for the project.

“The words ‘Brent Spence Bridge’ appear nowhere in that bill,” Massie has said publicly. “There is no guarantee.”  

Beshear noted that Massie’s fellow Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell voted for the bipartisan bill that is set to fund the project.

“The entire bipartisan infrastructure bill is about competitive grants,” Beshear said. “They don’t have specific projects listed in there, but it gives us our best opportunity ever to build it without tolls.”

He also added that “as opposed to voting against it, it would be helpful if he joined us in pushing for it.”

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But Beshear said that more than once, he has heard from Northern Kentuckians about a need for a congressman that will act in the interest of constituents. He also said he wants someone in this area to work with the governor’s office.

“Constituents come to me, Democrat and Republican, asking for a change in Northern Kentucky,” Beshear said. “Someone that they can work with; someone that is interested in the community, and not just traditional, national issues.”

Lehman said he’s happy to accept the endorsement. He’s been getting a lot of help from 3rd District Congressman John Yarmuth, as well, but he said Beshear’s endorsement is important.

“You’re a popular governor with record economic development in the state, despite the pandemic, and tornadoes in the west and flooding in the east,” Lehman said. “You’ve dealt with more tragedy in my lifetime, and we keep growing through this.”

Beshear said he also plans to endorse Charles Booker, a Democrat running against Sen. Rand Paul, and that should be coming soon.

Lehman said he is working on running a pragmatic campaign that is also sensible and has decency.

“There’s a quote I love from McConnell: ‘You either run for office to make a point, or you run for office to make a difference,'” Lehman said.

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