Four NKY legislators honored with KACP Outstanding Legislative Service Awards

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Four Northern Kentucky state legislators were honored with the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP) Outstanding Legislative Service Award. 

Reps. Adam Koenig (R-Erlanger), Ed Massey (R-Hebron), Kim Moser (R-Taylor Mill), and Sal Santoro (R-Union) were all recognized.

“These legislators are being honored and recognized for their unwavering support of law enforcement during the 2022 session of the Kentucky General Assembly,” KACP Executive Director Shawn Butler said. “Their introduction and support of law-enforcement related legislation make our communities safer and ensure that law enforcement officers are adequately trained and prepared for the important jobs they perform.”

Rep. Koenig was the primary sponsor of House Bill 239, which requires constables elected in 2022 and after to receive law enforcement training. HB239 does not stop constables from serving; it only prevents untrained, newly elected constables from using peace officer powers, such as making arrests and investigating crimes, a news release said.

Rep. Moser was the primary sponsor of House Bill 565, which increases and enhances virtual training for law enforcement officers. Reps. Massey and Santoro were co-sponsors of the bill, which was the top KACP priority during the session.

“House Bill 565 allows officers to take more classes online, meaning they don’t have to travel as often to the state police academy in Richmond,” Butler said. “That allows officers to spend more time with their families and in the communities they serve, and it saves cities money on travel and other expenses.”

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